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Stop Weighing In

Neural Retraining Program

To Eliminate Unhealthy Eating Habits

Retrain Your Brain to eliminate unhealthy eating habits that sabotage your weight

using modern neuroplasticity techniques



Weight Loss Starts in the Brain! 

A 14-day program in Neural Retraining to change eating habits and successful weight loss.  


NRT Neural Retraining or Retrain Your Brain therapy is the hottest new trend in weight loss. It uses new discoveries based in Neuroscience on how the brain can easily “unlearn” unwanted habits… including unhealthy eating habits.


In this program, you will learn powerful NRT Neural Retraining Techniques to change your eating habits and relationship to food; choose healthy foods, eat smaller portions, cut out junk foods and stop emotional stress eating. 



Appointments: 1 NRT Neural Retraining Therapy appointment conducted face-to-face via Zoom online.  The appointment is 2+ hours- The program is customized to fit your specific needs. You will be introduced to neurosciences and Carol will demonstrate the NRT techniques with you to ensure you are performing them correctly. You will be given a 14-day plan to achieve your goals utilizing modern NRT.   

This is a self-directed program that builds self-confidence and puts you back in control of eating habits.

The Program Includes:

1-appointment approximately 2 hours with 14-day unlimited coaching support. It also includes a 30-minute NRT guided meditation therapy session to release old unwanted habits and jumpstart your weight loss success. (You can record it for a home program)     


My eBook: “Stop Weighing In” 14-day program to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Bonus: 30-minute weight loss NRT  therapy session via Zoom Online to jumpstart your success ( you can record the session for home use)

Unlimited Coaching: Coaching support and guidance through the 14-day program to coach you to success.


Carol Charland has helped hundreds of people change their relationship to food and lose weight since 1998. The new discoveries in brain neuroplasticity and the development of modern NRT Neural Retraining Therapy makes changing your eating habits and losing weight easier than ever before.  


Why Wait- Start Your Weight Loss Now! 

Free Consultation:  Still have questions?  Use the Contact form below to email Carol directly to receive a free consultation.  

Book Online Now & Start Your Program Immediately!  

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