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Neural Retraining for Weight Loss

The Mind-Body Weight Loss Program

New Science. New Method. Amazing Results! 

New Science. New Method. Amazing Results!   

The Mind-Body Weight Loss System uses powerful neural retraining techniques to eliminate unhealthy eating habits, weight cycling, and diet failure. It also has a scientifically proven diet food plan that easily becomes a healthy eating lifestyle for lasting weight management. 

The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need

This program uses the latest discoveries in Neuroscience and your brain's neuroplasticity to help you achieve your weight goals. 

Modern discoveries in brain neuroplasticity shows us how easy it is for the brain to “unlearn” old unwanted habits and “retrain your brain” to control appetite, have healthy eating habits and let go of stubborn weight.  

The 30-Day Program Has 2 Components

Neural Retraining To Eliminate Unhealthy Eating Habits That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

You will learn NRT techniques to eliminate over-eating, stress and emotional eating, junk food cravings and using food as a reward. 

Most importantly, you will eliminate weight cycling and diet failure. 

A Scientifically Proven Holistic Diet Food Plan

The holistic food plan becomes “ a way of eating” vs a diet.

It sustains long-lasting weight loss and a high level of health.

It is easy to follow and easy to stay on. It becomes a healthy way of eating for a lifetime.

Personal Coaching

Get Real!  No Videos!  No Chat Bots!

You Get Real Live Coaching Support For 30 Days

This program offers you face-to-face appointments via Zoom 

with Carol Charland, a leading NRT therapist that has helped people successfully lose weight since 1998. You will learn NRT techniques to overcome your specific weight  and dieting issues. 

You can lose that stubborn weight!  

Reset your body's weight set-point in the brain's master computer for long-lasting weight loss. 


$295.00 Program Fee Includes: 

2 Appointments: 2 therapy appointments conducted face-to-face via Zoom Online.  In the first appointment we will customize the program to fit your specific needs. You will be introduced to neurosciences and learn the NRT techniques specific to weight loss. The holistic food plan diet is explained and a 30 day plan for success. The first appointment is approximately 2 1/2 hours, and the next appointment  is about 14 days later is 1-1/2 hour.

The 30-Day Plan: Plan includes my Retrain Your Brain eBook: “The Mind-Body Weight Loss System” the 30-day program to help you achieve your weight loss goals that includes the holistic food diet plan. 

NRT Therapy: 30-minute weight loss NRT therapy session conducted by Carol Charland to jumpstart your weight loss goals. (you can record the session for home use)

Unlimited Coaching:  Support and guidance as you work through the 30-day program.


Proven Effective

Carol Charland started practicing alternative complimentary medicine in 1998. She has helped hundreds of people change their relationship to food and lose weight with the Mind-Body Weight Loss System. 

The new discoveries in brain neuroplasticity and the development of modern NRT Neural Retraining Therapy makes changing your eating habits and losing weight easier than ever before.  

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Health & Successfully Take the Weight Off? 

Book Online & Start Your Weight Loss Program Immediately! 

Free Consultation: Still have questions?  Use the contact form below to email Carol directly for a free consultation.



Scientifically Proven Diet Developed By A Physcian

The food plan that accompanies this program is developed by a Physician and scientifically proven effective. 

It has a variety of benefits. After just a few days of using the plan, most people report losing inches from eliminating bloat and fluid retention, feeling better, being able to focus and think clearly along with having more energy and sleeping better. 

No Worries: The Food Plan is Easy To Follow & Easy To Stay On

The plan has it's foundation in holistic nutrition. It is recognized in natural health circles and used successfully worldwide to help people lose weight.

The food plan helps detoxify the body, promotes proper digestion and eliminates gut inflammation.  When you eat foods that do not mix together, digestion is slowed, the food ferments in the gut creating toxins and gut inflammation. Even healthy foods will do this if you are not digesting the foods properly. Fermenting foods create "fake fat" weight and inches on the body from gas, bloat and fluid retention. 

This food plan quickly and easily resets your digestive process so you are properly digesting foods and eliminating fermented foods that can create new fat cell storage and weight gain.

The food plan becomes a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime 

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Food Plan Benefits

Weight Loss

Promotes Proper Digestion

Promotes Metabolism & Fat Burning

Naturally Detoxes The Body

Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Increases Energy

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Bloat & Water Weight Gain

Gut Inflammation

Poor Digestive Symptoms

Carb & Sugar Cravings

Food Reactions from Improper Digestion

Reduces Fatigue

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No Diet Pills!  No Starving Yourself! 

No Cutting-Out Bread!

Yes, You Can Eat Carbs & Bread Again!

It Does Not Eliminate Food Groups.

You Eat A Balanced Diet Of Protein, Carbohydrates, Whole Grains & Vegetables

Stop Starving Yourself!

On this food plan you eat until you are satisfied. If you are using the plan correctly and digesting foods properly, the body does not create new fat cells.

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Stress Control

This program includes NRT techniques that help you control stress. It eliminates the habit of emotional and stress eating. 

Stress control is an important factor in your ability to lose weight. When you are in the "fight or flight" stress response your body is releasing chemicals that slow digestion and block weight loss. 

You will learn natural methods for relaxation and stress control.  

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New Science.
New Method.
Amazing Results!

Stop Weight Cycling & Diet Failure

Stop Over-eating & Junk food Cravings

Stop Emotional & Stress Eating

Neural Retraining Eliminates Unhealthy Habits & Behaviors That Sabotage Your Weight Loss 


Eliminate Weight Cycling & Diet Failure

Stop Weight Cycling & Diet Failure

You can overcome the habits and behaviors that previously sabotaged your weight loss efforts using NRT neural retraining techniques.

Weight cycling is when you take weight off only to put it back on again, it forms in the brain as a habit. The more you weight cycle... the stronger the habit or automatic behavior response becomes ingrained in the brain. 

When you are constantly weight cycling you automatically think "I cannot lose weight" and another behavior pattern forms in the brain called diet failure. 

Diet Failure Is NOT Your Fault

Diet failure is not your fault, it’s your brain's fault!  Through repetition of the behaviors, you created a behavioral habit of weight cycling and diet failure. This became a programmed behavior in the brain, which the brain automatically uses each time you tried to lose weight in the past.  

Set Yourself Free

With this program, you will learn powerful neural retraining techniques that literally break the neuropathway the brain created of weight cycling and diet failure

that sabotages your efforts to lose weight. 


Ready to Lose Weight?


BONUS:  Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Book Online Today & Receive Bonus to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goal

Included in this program is a 7-day detox plan that jumpstarts the weight loss process.

Don't worry, you eat real food on the plan, no smoothies, no supplements, no starving yourself! 

Neural retraining is unlike any other method you have tried to lose weight