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Retrain Your Brain -  Healing Trauma by Carol Charland

Retrain Your Brain - Healing Trauma

Revolutionary stress and trauma releasing techniques using the latest in Neural Retraining Therapy

Recovery is possible.  It starts with Healing Trauma

Discover the revolutionary technique successfully used by professionals world-wide to overcome the symptoms associated with PTSD and a stressful or traumatic event. 

This technique was developed by a physician. It offers a breakthrough for people who suffer with unresolved symptoms of stress or trauma.

  • This is not cognitive talk therapy; no need to talk about or re-live the trauma

  • It is not pharmaceutical drugs, there is no negative side effects

  • You are in charge! You perform the calming technique on yourself when needed

  • It’s so simple to do even a child can use this technique

This technique gets to the very core of where stress and trauma are encoded and stored in the brain. Like a laser beam, it seeks out the encoded root cause of your emotional and physical symptoms. It produces a neuro-chemical chain reaction in the brain in a process called depotentiation, dismantling encoded (stored) emotions and symptoms, separating them completely from the traumatic event, releasing all emotions and symptoms associated to trauma.

In the book: 

  • Learn simple techniques in neural retraining that "resets" stress in the brain

  • Strategies to build lost self-confidence, set new life goals and get your life back on the path of wholeness

  • Learn coping mechanisms to control stress, build resiliency and how to avoid future stress encoding in the brain

  • 2 Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts promotes whole-person wellness

Once you understand how stress and trauma is encoded and stored in the brain, and how depotentiation works to dismantle it, you will understand why other therapies in the past failed.

Recovery Is Possible! 

You Can Become Whole Again and Regain Your Life

Carol Charland's Retrain Your Brain neural retraining wellness programs have received 5 Star Reviews and 5 Star Ratings from readers.

Carol holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary-Alternative Medicine as an NLP Neurolinguistics Practitioner helping people achieve wellness goals since 1998. She developed the revolutionary 4R’s Neuroplastic-Healing System based on the latest discoveries in Neuroscience's therapeutic neural retraining.

She offers a variety of Retrain Your Brain wellness books, educational  seminars and private coaching appointments via Zoom online.

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