Retrain Your Brain - CRPS Book

30-Day Neural Retraining Program for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Formerly known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy

5 Star Reviews by CRPS Patients

One of the most exciting developments in medical research for chronic pain is in the field of Neuroscience. Neuroplasticity training techniques demonstrates how the brain can easily "unlearn" old behavior patterns... including changing chronic pain patterns held in the brain.

This new discovery gives pain sufferers all over the world new hope for relief. 

My 30-day Retrain Your Brain program utilizes my revolutionary 4R's Neuroplastic-Healing System with the latest discovery in brain neuroplasticity training techniques for highly effective pain management.

Book is pain-friendly, easy to read and understand

8 learning modules teaches pain relief techniques you can start using immediately

Added strategies: pain-reducing diet, activity pacing, peaceful sleep and stress control

BONUS: Cutting-edge therapy called Recordable Meditation Therapy Script written specifically for CRPS pain relief. Listen to a soothing guided imagery meditation as it paves new neural pathways infusing your mind, brain and body with healing pain relief.

5 Star Reviews by CRPS Patients

 "Carol has written a multi-faceted book that every person with CRPS should have in his/her treatment tool kit"- Deb B

 "Because it's written by a patient, she gives her favorite techniques specifically crafted for CRPS/RSD survivors. I believe anyone with an intractable pain condition would benefit from reading this book"  

- MaryMo

"I understand chronic pain. I am a CRPS patient"- Carol Charland 

As a Pain Management Practitioner, Carol Charland has a unique understanding of life with persistent pain, better than most author-therapists. She is a pain patient with CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Carol developed the revolutionary 4R's Neuroplastic-Healing System based upon the latest discoveries in Neuroscience, her expertise as a CAM Pain Management Practitioner since 1998 and her real-life experience living with CRPS.

She holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary-Alternative Medicine, NLP Neurolinguistics and is an active member of IACT International Association of Counselors and Therapists.  

Look for other book titles in the Retrain Your Brain wellness series, educational seminars and private therapy coaching appointments via Zoom online by Carol Charland.