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Retrain Your Brain-Healing Trauma is a revolutionary new approach to healing the symptoms associated with PTSD. The program is designed to help individuals rewire their brains and overcome the negative effects of trauma.  


Learn a revolutionary trauma releasing technique that no other book on trauma offers you, to break the emotional links associated with stressful or traumatic events. Once you understand how stress and trauma are encoded (stored) in the brain, and how "de-potentiation" works to dismantle it, you'll undrstand why other therapy methods failed in the past.  It's NOT You. You did not fail... You were never given the right tools.


You'll learn a technique developed by a trauma physician specific to releasing encoded tauma stored in the brain causing symptoms. This technique gets to the very core of where stress and trauma are stored in the brain. Like a laser beam, it seeks out the encoded root cause of your emotional and physical symptoms.  


It produces a neurochemical chain reaction called "De-Potentiation" dismantling th encoded emotions and symptoms, separating them from the traumatic event comletelyand releasing the symptoms caused by the event. 


  • This is NOT cognitive talk therapy. No re-living the traumatic event
  • This is drug-free program, no adverse side-effects from these natural mind-body techniques
  • Added lifestyle strateies  include  stress control, peaceful sleep, diet, how to build resiliency & self confidence to reclaim your life. 


Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other symptoms related to trauma, this program can help you find the relief you need. Retrain Your Brain-Healing Trauma is an effective and safe solution for anyone looking to overcome the challenges of PTSD.


This book uses modern discoveries in neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity and powerful neurolinguistic mind-body techniques and methods that are not fought anywhere else. Neural retrainin "Retrain Your Brain Therapy" gets amazing results.  


 Take back control & reclaim your life... now! 


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  • Experience the transformational  power of  this revolutionary new therapy using brain neuroplasticity and take back control of your life today.  You can learn how to retrain your brain to relieve symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, fear and phobias, relax naturally, sleep more peacefully and live a happier, healthier life. 

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