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Carol Charland, author of the Retrain Your Brain book series.


Retrain Your Brain for Fibromyalgia is a revolutionary new therapy approach that uses the latest discoveries in brain neuroplasticity to help reduce the symptoms of  Fibromyalgia. Neural Retraining Therapy (NRT) is unique and unlike any other, this program is specifically written for the unique charcteristics of Fibromyalgia.  It is designed  to change the way the brain processes pain signals (stuck in the limbic system ) by engaging the brain's neuroplasticity or it's natural ability to rewire itself.   


One-Of-A-Kind. You'll learn  a powerful neurolinguistic mind-body technique specific for releasing encoded trauma/pain/injury in the brain, this technique was created by a physician to release stored trauma  (you many not even be aware of)  in the brain that is thought to be the catalyst for pain syndromes like Fibromyalgia, CRPS complex regional pain syndrome and Post-Lyme disease.  These "stuck" pain messages can create sensory-overload in the brain  and and an over-active nervous system creating chronic symptoms. This technique has been scientifically proven and used worldwide with trauma/PTSD patients. 


You'll also learn pain anesthesia techniques you can begin using immediately for relief. With daily use of the pain-relieving techniques,  Fibromyalgia patients can experience improved function and reduced pain levels, allowing them to live a  happier and more fulfilling life.


Neuroplasticity Is Simple! The key to successfully using brain neuroplasticity with NLP neurolinguistic techniques to achieve wellness goals is Repetition; repeatedly using the same mind-body techniques  on a daily basis over a period of time to create new neuropathways for positive change.  It simply takes a commitment from you to perform the techniques daily. (only 30 minutes in morning and 30 in the evening) 


The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System

This guided self-treatment program utilizes The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System: A 4 step-process in advanced neural retraining to improve function, reduce pain levels and help people regain a more fullfilling life.   

Release: trauma and pain messages  "stuck" in the limbic brain.  

Reframe in the mind: How you experience pain. Learn pain anesthesia techniques for pain relief you can control. 

Retrain: Rest the limbic system to proper functioning, calm the sympathetic nervous system ( fight or flight stress/anxiety response) and activate the parasympathetic nervous system and your natural relaxation response.

Restore Wellness: Self care strategies to help you reclaim your life from pain: pain-reducing diet,  peaceful sleep, stress control, how to set up customized Pacing Activity program to help you avoid painful flareups from over-activity. 


In The Book: 

  • Pain-Friendly: I designed the book to be pain-friendly; quick, easy to read and understand. 
  • Step-By-Step Guide:  To the NRT techniques with a daily action plan that helps you incorporate everything you've learned into your daily routine. 
  • Pain Relief: Teaches you  powerful NLP pain anesthesia techniques you can start using immediately for pain relief
  • Whole-Person Wellness: It has added self-care strategies to help you regain whole-person wellness: pain reducing diet, stress control, peaceful sleep and instructions on implementing a Pacing Activity Program to help you avoid painful flareups from over activity. 
  • Cutting-Edge Therapy: You'll be introduced to a cutting-edge therapy called Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts (for audio recordings) written specifically for Fibromyalgia pain and symptom relief. Fall to sleep listening to a relaxing guided imagery meditation, recorded in your own voice that infuses the mind-body and soul with healing messages for pain relief and restoring whole-person wellness. 
  • Change The Unchangeable: Once you learn the foundation of Neural Retraining Therapy and the techniques,  you can use them to  change other habits and behaviors  you may of thought of as unchangeable! 


Retrain Your Brain for Fibromyalgia  is a safe, opiate-free therapy that can be used alongside other medical  treatments to help manage this debilitating condition.


"Retrain Your Brain - Fibromyalgia"  is  a must-have book for anyone living with fibromyalgia. 




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  • Experience the transformational  power of  this revolutionary new therapy using brain neuroplasticity and take control of Fibromyalgia today.  You can learn how to retrain your brain to manage pain and symptoms better, and live a happier, healthier life. 

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