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Your Ultimate Guide to Neural Retraining Programs

Everything You Wanted To Know About Neuroplasticity & How To Retrain Your Brain

Neuroplasticity and neural retraining commonly referred to as retrain your brain therapy is thriving in present-day psychology for its amazing ability to improve health conditions and help people make personal life changes once thought to be unobtainable.

Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain’s ability to adapt and change through our lifetime. Modern neuroscience has proven the brain has the capacity to be molded and re-organized. It has the ability to heal. Our brain continues to grow and evolve in response to our environment and life experiences.

The ability of the brain to change itself, to unlearn unwanted behavior pattern and restore its own proper function is known as neuroplasticity.

Neuroscientist once thought that the brain was fully developed after adolescence that it was in a “fixed” immutable or inflexible state that could not be modified or changed. Any encoded programming, damage or malfunctioning causing unwanted habits and behaviors, illness and symptoms would be permanent.

Through modern medical discoveries in neuroscience, we now know this is not the case. Our brain is very flexible and is ever-changing with our every thought, with the words we hear and speak, with our environment and with everything we experience in our life.

The field of neuroscience has made breakthrough discoveries over the past few years that provide an opportunity for greater healing and achieving a high level of wellness. We have the ability to now change unwanted habits and behaviors that we once thought to be unchangeable. It has given us the popular NRT Neural Retraining Therapy Programs.

With neuroplasticity, we can retrain our brain to achieve our wellness and personal goals. Our brain’s plasticity or ability to morph and change means it can easily “unlearn” habits and behavior patterns… including chronic pain and illness patterns encoded in the brain. The brain reorganizes itself forming new neural circuitry and creates new neurons that form new neuropathways for change.

Under the right training, our brain has an amazing ability to bypass structural damage and even reverse limbic hypersensitivity, healing itself.

Only 20 minutes a day can improve your brain health, increase energy and well-being

NRT Neural Retraining Therapy is based upon the brain’s neuroplasticity and its ability to easily “unlearn” unwanted habits and behavior patterns once thought to be unchangeable.

What Is Neural Retraining Programs

Neural Retraining Therapy is a natural mind-body approach that uses specific mental techniques over a specific period of time to pave new neuropathways that retrain or rewire the limbic brain system. Repetition of the techniques is key to achieving a successful outcome to reduce or even eliminate symptoms and unwanted behavior patterns.

It is said that under the right circumstances new neuropathways can be created in days and when reinforced over time by repetition they become the new permanent behavior.

Carol Charland's 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System

The 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System of Release-Reframe-Retrain-Restore Wellness. The first step to positive change using neuroplastic healing techniques is to release the embedded unwanted habit or behavior stored in memory. Next reframe in the mind your perception of the behavior. Then we retrain the brain using neural retraining techniques to the wellness goal you desire. Then finally, we restore whole-person wellness.

Most neural retraining programs only take 15-20 minutes a day for 14-30 days depending upon the changes you desire. The key to your success is repetition, practicing the specific neural retraining techniques daily.

Builds Self-Confidence

Neural Retraining is a self-directed program where you perform the techniques on yourself. The techniques are actually quite easy to do, so easy a child can do them. Anyone of any age can perform these techniques. A self-care program helps to build one’s self-confidence in their own ability to control symptoms, manage stress better and restore a level of wellness.

Carol Charland’s 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing Programs are designed to restore whole-person wellness. It helps people manage stress better, feel calm and in control, sleep more peacefully, it improves cognitive function, increases energy and natural vitality for overall wellness.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life For The Better?

Peruse through my neural retraining programs at www.

Contact me for a free consultation and how modern neural retraining can help you achieve your wellness and personal goals.

Carol Charland’s neural retraining programs

put YOU back in control of your health and life,

enabling you to reclaim parts of your life thought to be lost

Here’s Why People Chose Carol Charland’s Neural Retraining Programs:

Custom Programs: No generic programs with “for everyone” video packages: After your free consultation with Carol, she writes a program with neural retraining techniques for your specific health needs to help you achieve your wellness goals. Watching a generic video of techniques cannot customize a program to your individual needs.

Personal Instruction: She then teaches you the techniques in a face-to-face online appointment so you can be confident you are performing the techniques correctly.

Unlimited Coaching Access: Carol is there to support and guide you on your wellness journey through the entire length of the program.

No Other Online Neural Retraining Program Gives You This Much Support To Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Meet Your Neural Retraining Wellness Coach CAROL CHARLAND

Carol Charland has worked in the field of natural health and wellness successfully using mind-body therapies with clients since 1998. She holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary-Alternative Medicine, Neurolinguistics specializing in opiate-free pain management and as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is a member of IACT the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Carol developed the 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System to help restore her own wellbeing after sustaining injuries that lead to several major illnesses; CRPS, MCAD, POTS, Central Sensitization Syndrome.

She has a unique understanding of life with chronic pain more so then most therapists, she is a pain patient with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. She understands the need for effective opiate-free pain relief. It was out of her own search for drug-free pain relief that she developed the 4R’s program that utilizes modern discoveries in neuroscience and neural retraining.

Carol is now in a state of remission, not often found with these health conditions.

Since regaining her health, she teaches others the benefit of neural retraining in her NRT wellness programs. She offers therapy appointments via Zoom Meetings online where you meet Carol personally for a custom program set up to meet your individual needs. Online appointments make these programs available to people worldwide, people housebound or disabled and unable to travel to a physical office location.

God said to me, I am going to show you pain… and then you are going to help other people in pain because you understand itQuote from Lady Gaga regarding her life of chronic pain

I posted this Lady Gaga quote on my bedside table where I could see it every day. I knew one day that this pain, this thing I ferociously battled and then befriended would lead me down a path of helping other people in pain… become pain free

I understand the pain of CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I was diagnosed with CRPS in 2017, 8 years after an injury that turned my life upside down. I know the frustration of going from one doctor to another searching for a correct diagnosis only to leave their office feeling more defeated than when I first stepped through their doorway. I know how it is to try one medication after another hoping it will work, only to have the treatment fail. Most of all, I know the feeling of being completely hopeless, that this “pain” will never end.

I Developed the 4R's neuroplastic Healing System from my expertise as a CAM Pain Management Practitioner and my first-hand knowledge of life with persistent pain for an opiate-free approach to pain management.

Carol Charland, Author

Carol wrote her first book Retrain Your Brain-CRPS for people suffering with CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, the incurable disease Carol suffered with for years. The book has 5 star reviews from CRPS patients. Including a review from Rosie with before and after pictures showing an amazing improvement in her CRPS hand after Carol's CRPS 30-day program in neural retraining.

Then she was asked to write a book similar to the one for CRPS but for the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and she published the book Retrain Your Brain-Fibromyalgia.

Her Healing Trauma program clients suggested she write a book on the workshop Healing Trauma so she wrote the popular book Retrain Your Brain-Healing Trauma for PTSD. Carol continues to write books in the Retrain Your Brain wellness series. You can find her books listed on Amazon.

Contact Carol For A Free Consult & Start Your Neural Retraining Therapy Program Now. Visit

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