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Neural Retraining Program to Quit Smoking

Carol Charland's neural retraining program to quit smoking is unlike any method you have previously tried to quit. You can quit without anxiety, addictive side-effects or weight gain. This is the best method to quit- it is modern smoking cessation. It uses the latest neuroscience discoveries that works with your brain to eliminate cravings and addictive habits.

Even if cigarettes are your best friend and you love to smoke, you can use neural retraining methods to walk away from the addictive-habit of smoking.

The neural retraining or retrain your brain type therapy is based upon new discoveries in brain neuroplasticity. research has proven the brain's neuroplastic flexibility can easily “unlearn” old habits and behaviors including habitual smoking. The neural retraining techniques you perform on yourself literally reverses the steps taken when the brain created the habit (addiction) thus eliminating the desire to smoke.

Neural retraining techniques root-out the cause of why you smoke and eliminates it by releasing all the old habits and addictive behaviors stored in the brain going back to when you first started smoking… even if that was decades ago as a teenager!

Why You Failed With Other Methods

Part of understanding how neural retraining therapy can successfully help you quit cigarettes is understanding why you failed using other methods. Think of your brain as a master computer system that controls your thoughts and behaviors. Like a computer, it gathers and stores information in its memory on your every thought, feeling and life experience.

It is out of these life experiences that your behaviors (habit formation is by repetitive behaviors) are formed very much like installing a software program in a computer. Like a computer, it does not know real from unreal, it simply does what it is programmed to do. Habit formation in the brain is simply software programming. You will run off the software program ( sometimes for your entire lifetime) or habit formation even if it's outdated or unwanted, until the information that created the software programming stored in the brain is released or changed.

You may of quit before, perhaps for long period of time only to return to the same habit. When this happens, it simply indicates that your brain is still operating from the old software programming installed many years ago.

Neural retraining techniques use your brain's neuroplasticity or ability to easily change to release the old software programming or habits stored in the brain thus automatically changing your behavior.

With neural retraining after you release the unwanted behavior pattern, through repetition of the new behavior, you then retrain the brain to your new desired behavior where you act, feel and think like a non-smoker. The process of habit formation in the brain begins anew but with the new desired behavior as a non-smoker, like a computer you are simply updating the software programming.

Neural retraining programs are fundamental to learning new behaviors and also to stopping those that become automated, such as smoking.
The study was funded by NIH/National Institute of Drug Abuse. Original Research: Abstract for “Association Between Baseline Corticothalamic-Mediated Inhibitory Control and Smoking Relapse Vulnerability” by Brett Froeliger, PhD; Patrick A. McConnell, MS1; Spencer Bell, BS; Maggie Sweitzer, PhD; Rachel V. Kozink, MS; Christie Eichberg, BS; Matt Hallyburton, BA; Nicole Kaiser, BA; Kevin M. Gray, MD; and F. Joseph McClernon, PhD in JAMA Psychiatry. Published online March 1 2017 doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2017.0017

Neural Retraining Is NOT Hypnosis. No Trance State Is Needed To Be Successful

With neural retraining for smoke cessation, you will learn powerful NRT techniques that literally reverses the process of addiction and reprograms your brain to stop craving cigarettes. When the brain releases the habits stored in the brain associated with cigarette smoking, your behaviors towards cigarettes change automatically.

No Addictive Side-Effects or Withdrawal Symptoms

Most people quit without addictive-side effects or withdrawal symptoms with neural retraining. There is no urge to smoke when you train your brain to act, feel and think like a non-smoker. When the brain releases the addictive habit programmed in the brain the craving for cigarettes is also released.

What About the Nicotine

Most smokers are not aware that nicotine is absent in the body after approximately 72 hours or 3 days of smoke cessation. after the nicotine detox, it's not the nicotine that makes you crave cigarettes, it's the habit formation in the brain that links cigarettes to a particular behavior. Habits like; a cigarette with coffee in the morning or with an alcohol beverage, while driving the car, after a meal, if you are stressed out to relax, if you are hungry, if you see someone else smoke or before bed to sleep. These are samples of habit formations in the brain and not related to nicotine addiction. If you quit and return to smoking, its the habit formation stored in the brain not nicotine addiction.

Overcome Fear of Weight Gain

This program is unlike other methods, you will not be substituting food for cigarettes once you quit. The substituting cigarettes for food or the "hand-to-mouth" action is simply a habit formed in the brain and it is released with the other habits associated with smoking cigarettes.

Stress Control

Most smokers use cigarette smoking as a way to relax "to take a mental break". When under stress, a cigarette is the first method they choose to cope and calm themselves. This action is simply another habit formed in the brain that can be released with neural retraining techniques. carol Charland's smoke cessation program incorporates stress control and natural relaxation therapy into the mind-body techniques to retrain the brain to manage stress. No other method does this!

Releasing Habits in the Brain

Using neural retraining techniques to change habits is very similar to updating a software program in a computer, once you change the programming (habits) you change the outcome (behaviors). You can set yourself free from the habit of cigarettes.

Neural Retraining or Retrain Your Brain Therapy is Modern Smoke Cessation

Simply follow the 14-day plan and your brain does all the work for you! You get unlimited coaching support throughout the entire program.

"I want you to succeed in quitting- permanently - I'm with you to support you throughout the entire program" - Carol Charland, Neural Retraining Specialist

This program gives you back your life and teaches you how to live happily without cigarettes.

Are you ready to quit? I can help you!
$295 Successfully Stop Smoking in 14-Days
Book Online Now!

Neural Retraining for Smoke Cessation Program Includes:

Appointments: 2 online therapy appointments conducted face-to-face via Zoom Online. In the first appointment we will customize the program session to fit your specific smoking habits and you will learn how to perform the NRT techniques. It is approximately 2 hours, and the next appointment 7-10 days later is to reinforce your success to be a non-smoker permanently is 1 hour.

Bonus: Each appointment includes a 30-minute NRT guided session you can record for a home program to reinforce positive changes you have made.

The 14-Day Plan: Plan includes my Ebook: “Retrain Your Brain to Successfully Stop Smoking”. A 14-day plan for success.

Unlimited Coaching: You have unlimited coaching access for my support and guidance through the 14-day program to help you quit.

I CAN HELP YOU QUIT! Book Online Now!

Carol Charland, Neural Retraining Specialist for Smoke Cessation

Carol Charland has helped hundreds of smokers quit since 1998. The new discoveries in brain neuroplasticity and the development of modern NRT Neural Retraining Therapy makes quitting easier than ever before. Carol is a former smoke cessation instructor with the American Cancer Society and has extensive work helping smokers quit as a practitioner in NLP Neurolinguistics and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1998.

To Schedule Appointments: You can book directly online for a time that is convenient for you.

Unanswered Questions? Get A Free Consultation: Neural retraining is a new method of quitting, if you have unanswered questions how it can help you quit, use the contact form to email Carol directly for a free consultation. Simply put STOP SMOKING in the email subject line.

Don't Wait! Take Back Your Health & Your Life. You Can Quit!

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