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Neural Retraining Program

for Opiate-Free Pain Relief

There's Life Beyond Pain

Neural Retraining Therapy is Modern Opiate-free Pain Management


My revolutionary Retrain Your Brain approach to pain relief teaches you scientifically proven techniques that put you back in control of pain instead of pain controlling you. 

Neural Retraining Therapy is unlike any other pain management program you may have previously tried to relieve chronic pain. It reframes how you experience pain by releasing encoded pain messages stored in the brain.

NRT can significantly reduce chronic pain and may even eliminate it entirely. 

"I understand pain.  I am a pain patient" - Carol Charland, Author & NRT Wellness Coach 

Carol Charland has a unique understanding of life with persistent pain, better than most therapists. She is a pain patient that triumphed over CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, rated the highest pain syndrome on the McGill Pain Scale. 

When you book therapy appointments with Carol you can rest assured you are working with someone who understands what life is like living in chronic pain and the need for opiate-free solutions. Her 4R's Neuroplastic-Healing System of Release-Reframe-Retrain-Restore Wellness uses the latest in neuroscience's neural retraining techniques for modern pain relief. 

Special Pain Relief Programs For: 


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy


Lyme Disease


Chronic Old Injury or Spinal Back/Neck Pain

Reynaud's Syndrome


**These programs have NRT techniques written specifically to relieve the pain and symptoms of this specific condition.

You will learn powerful NRT pain anesthesia techniques to self-control pain to put you back in control . 


$350 There's Life Beyond Pain Program

Program Includes: 

Appointments: 2 therapy appointments conducted face-to-face via Zoom Online.   In the first appointment (2.5 hrs) we will customize the program session to fit your specific needs.

You will be introduced to neurosciences and learn pain anesthesia and the NRT techniques.  The 2 follow-up appointments are approximately 1 hour. 

The 30-Day Program Plan:  Plan includes my Ebook: There’s Life Beyond Pain is full of NRT pain anesthesia techniques for modern pain management, additional tips and strategies:  pain-friendly diet, activity pacing guide to avoid pain flare-ups from over-activity, stress control-learn natural relaxation methods, peaceful sleep and how to set up a custom selfcare program that fits your needs.

Bonus: Each appointment includes a 30 minute NRT therapy Session for pain relief with leading NRT therapist Carol Charland that you can record for home use.

Unlimited Coaching Access:  Support and guidance through the 30-day program to coach you to success.


Free Consultation:  Still have questions? Use the Contact form below to email Carol directly for a free consultation.   Simply put FREE CONSULT PAIN RELIEF in the email subject line.

Why Wait?  Book Online & Start Pain Relief Program Immediately

You Can Take Back Your Life From The Grip of Pain. 

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