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Wellness with Neural Retraining

A Transformative Pathway to Healing That Brings You Back To Wholeness


A healthy, vigorous, flourishing state of wellbeing in mind, body & soul

Do you know what wellness really feels like?   What is your definition of wellness? 

Most people have their own definition of what wellness is for them. The definition may be different from one person to the next.

We are in a "wellness" health crisis. We are emerging from two-years of living under the stress of an unpredictable pandemic. It has taken its toll on people worldwide. 

Every wellness program includes techniques for stress control and natural relaxation methods. Managing stress is a key element to wellness.

Achieving a high level of wellness should be everyone's top priority now.

What area of your life do you need improvement or change to achieve peak wellness?

Boost immune system

Keep stress under control & relax

Chill your brain: quiet the brain 

Get plenty of restorative deep sleep

Healthy, fit body

Eat healthy & wisely

Stay hydrated

Exercise your body

Exercise your mind

Stop smoking

Lose excess weight

Have fun, laugh & socialize 

Healthy loving relationships

Find what makes you happy & do it

Give purpose to your work, volunteer & help others

Show appreciation & gratitude

Spiritual connections; prayer, belief in something greater and more powerful than ourselves

Nourish your soul

What wellness goal do you want to achieve? 

Custom Wellness Programs

A neural retraining programs can be written specifically for you, to help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Contact Carol today for more information on custom wellness programs. 

Free Consultation:  Use the contact form below to email Carol for a free consultation on how neural retraining can help you make positive changes to return to whole-person wellness. 

You can return to a high level of wellness using neural retraining techniques to achieve your wellness goals


Custom Wellness Program

Program Includes: 

Appointments: 1 therapy appointments conducted face-to-face via Zoom Online.   In the first appointment (2hrs) we will customize the program session to fit your specific needs.  

Bonus: Includes a 30 minute NRT therapy Session with leading NRT therapist Carol Charland that you can record for home use.

Unlimited Coaching Access:  Support and guidance through the program to coach you to success.


Book Online  Appointments

Free Consultation:  Still have questions? Use the Contact form below to email Carol directly for a free consultation.   Simply put FREE CONSULT in the email subject line.

You Can Take Back Your Life.

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