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Retrain Your Brain
Online Wellness Courses
The 4R's Advanced Neuroplastic Healing System 

Carol Charland

Author & Neurolinguistic Retraining Coach

New Science.  New Method.  Amazing Results.

One of the most exciting new developments in wellness therapy today is in the field of Psycho-neuroscience or brain retraining.  Neurolinguistic Retraining Therapy (NRT) utilizes the latest discoveries in neuroscience research into how the brain's neuroplasticity or ability to be flexible and change can easily “unlearn” old habits and behavior patterns.  NRT is unlike any other therapy you have previously tried it has been known to get amazing results in a short-period of time.


Courses Are Unlike Any Other, Written Specifically For Each Condition

Unique. The Restore Wellness Courses are unique, unlike other neural retraining courses. Instead of a general one-size-fits-all therapy program, The 4R’s System is written specifically for each individual condition and addresses the unique symptoms and characteristics of that particular disorder.  

One-of-a-Kind. Each program teaches a revolutionary trauma releasing technique that is unique to The 4R’s System. No other NRT online course offers it. 


The technique is medically proven to release stress and trauma stored in the brain even past stress we may be unaware of that is creating symptoms causing the condition through a maladaptive limbic brain system. 

No other NRT limbic retraining program offers this specific trauma releasing technique.

Neurolinguistic Retraining Therapy has produced successful therapeutic outcomes for a variety of health conditions once thought to be unchangeable.   




  • CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic Pain Due To Old Injury

  • Opiate-Free Pain Management

  • Post Lyme Disease 

  • Shingles

  • Reynaud's Disease

  • Many Other Chronic Conditions 

General Wellness Courses

  • Smoking/Vaping Cessation

  • Weight Loss

  • Allergies & Food Sensitivity

  • Insomnia 

  • Stress & Anxiety Issues

You Choose The Type Of Course  

A course that includes a private appointment 


A self-learning course you do at your own pace

 The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System
4 Steps To Release-Reframe-Retrain & Restore Wellness

The 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System is a drug-free program that uses modern neuroscience discoveries in brain neuroplasticity to reverse an over-stressed malfunctioning limbic system in the brain.

It’s designed to normalize a maladapted stress response in the body often thought to be the catalyst for many chronic pain syndromes and chronic conditions while activating the natural relaxation response that restores balance and harmony to the mind and body.  

“To change the printout of the body, you must learn to rewrite the software of the mind” 

 - Dr. Deepak Chopra

The 4 Healing Steps

Release-Reframe-Retrain-Restore Wellness

The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing steps are designed specifically to target brain function that normalizes a maladapted stress response that keeps you constantly in a revved-up state of the fight or flight stress response, this is oftentimes the missing piece to healing for people suffering with chronic illness.

This program is self-directed, you learn at your own pace. It teaches you how to rewire the nervous system and change the structure and function of your brain. This allows your body to move from a state of survival to a state of growth and repair, where true healing can take place.

What Is Brain Neuroplasticity 

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to be flexible, to adapt and change to your life’s circumstances. It gives the brain the ability to “unlearn” old habits and behavior patterns including chronic pain and illness, once thought unchangeable.

Modern neuroscience discoveries in brain neuroplasticity an amazing therapeutic approach to wellness was created; Neurolinguistic Retraining  “Retrain Your Brain” Therapy. 


How Does Neuroplasticity Help Heal

This natural and non-invasive mind-body approach utilizes the principles of neuroplasticity to awaken the brain’s own powerful capacity for innate healing without producing any negative side-effects.


Neuroplasticity allows the brain to shift and change to re-organize and heal itself by creating new neuropathways.


The key to successfully using neuroplasticity retraining techniques is simply repetition, performing the specific NRT techniques on a daily basis over a specific period of time creates new neuropathways for positive change.

Neural Retraining Therapy (NRT) may sound complicated, but it is not.  The mind-body techniques used in retraining the brain are easy to do, anyone of any age can learn and benefit from this amazing new therapy approach to restoring and maintaining wellness. 


Neural Retraining Therapy, Commonly Known as Retrain Your Brain Is the Ultimate in Self-Care Treatment 

It Puts You Back In Control Of Your Life & Your Health


NRT gives you the right mind-body tools to release old behaviors, stress and trauma stored in the brain.

Once you learn how neural retraining works to reverse old behavior patterns encoded in the brain, you will understand why therapies previously used were ineffective or failed.  


You can use the same retraining techniques to achieve other wellness goals in habit or behavior change.


Paving new neuropathways for positive change may sound complicated but is simple to do, so simple a child can perform the calming mind-body techniques on themselves.  


Neural Retraining Therapy Can Help Restore Wellness

& Change Unwanted Habits and Behaviors

Once Thought To Be Unchangeable

New Science

The brain is the master control center for our state of health and happiness.  It orchestrates the functioning of all organ systems in the body. 

The limbic brain is often times referred to as our ancient brain system. It is found in the midbrain and associated with emotions, learning, memory and the fight or flight stress response.

Ongoing chronic stress and various forms of trauma from physical injury, viral or bacterial infection, extreme emotional or psychological stress, exposure to toxins, chemicals or mold can cause our body’s natural survival instinct to rev-up to combat a perceived threat.  

The fight or flight stress response is the brain’s natural response to stress and trauma and can keep the brain and body on high alert, even if the initial threat or trauma is no longer present.  In some cases, the brain’s limbic system can get stuck in the chronic fight or flight response creating an impaired limbic system.

A maladapted response to stress is called limbic system impairment. This can be caused by a single trauma, or more often is from a combination of long-term stress and trauma. This constant cycle can be the very root of the ongoing chronic symptoms.

 Limbic System Impairment can affect the way our mind and body functions in many ways including mood and emotion, sensory overload in the brain and cognitive function. Symptoms may include chronic inflammation, poor memory, brain fog, digestive issues, lowered energy levels, anxiety issues, intolerance to substances and food sensitivities, chronic pain, sleep issues as well as a host of other symptoms that may seem unexplained.

New Approach

Course participants learn scientifically proven and powerful neuroplasticity mind-body tools that rewire the limbic system function to restore optimal wellness


Rewiring the limbic brain shifts the brain and body from a chronic state of “fight or flight”  into a state of balance and harmony, where true healing can take place.


About The Course:  

  • Learn modern neuroscience, neuroplasticity principles, limbic system function and how stress is related to limbic system impairment and chronic symptoms

  • Learn how stress and trauma get encoded or  “stuck” in the brain even when you are unaware of it, and how to release these old patterns of behavior to get “unstuck”

  • Learn how to prevent future stress from being encoded in the brain and maintain optimal wellness


Course Includes:

  •  Step-by-step guide to powerful neurolinguistic retraining techniques that you can begin to use immediately to achieve wellness goals

  • Learn mind-body tools that tap into the power of the subconscious mind to calm, soothe and regulate the function of the nervous system and reverse the maladapted stress response in the limbic system

  • Each of the 4-steps (release-reframe-retrain-restore wellness) of the program is clearly demonstrated for you with instructions on how to easily incorporate these techniques into your daily life

  • Recordable Meditation Therapy Scripts; a cutting-edge therapy that uses the power of your own voice to infuse your mind and body with suggestions for healing relief

  • Added strategies for self-care; diet, stress control and peaceful sleep  

  • A daily plan helps you put the pieces of the healing puzzle together


A Commitment To Wellness

The course is not your mainstream approach but a revolutionary new approach to restoring wellness.

Neural Retraining Therapy has become the most sought-after therapy for making wellness and personal behavior life changes worldwide. 

It can get amazing results in a short-period of time.

Amazing Results

Amazing Results have been documented by neuroscientists like Dr Norman Doidge, MD using brain neuroplasticity principles and neurolinguistic retraining techniques. Dr Doidge healed his own chronic illness using brain neuroplasticity principles and retraining. 

Key to success is repetition of performing the NRT techniques using neuroplasticity principles. 


A daily plan is included in each course that helps you incorporate the NRT techniques into your daily routine.

Daily repetition of performing the NRT techniques over a specific period of time is the key to your success using this program.  

It takes a commitment from you to complete the course as instructed.  Although successful outcomes take repetition, it is not really time consuming, most techniques are performed for only 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. 

Home: Welcome

My Healing Story
Carol Charland, Author & Wellness Coach



Carol Charland-Cliche is an author and natural wellness coach. She holds a diploma in CAM Complimentary-Alternative Medicine and certification as an NLP Neurolinguistics Practitioner specializing in neural retraining therapy since 1998. 

Her online therapy clientele is worldwide.


Carol lives in Southern Coastal Maine,  she loves spending time with family and her grandchildren. She enjoys walking the beautiful beaches with collecting seaglass washed ashore from around the world. 



Thank you for registering for my Restore Wellness online courses.

I developed The 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System out of my own search for opiate-free pain relief.  I understand pain. I have CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, rated the highest known pain syndrome on the Mcgill Pain Scale. CRPS in listed as an incurable condition. I went 9 years undiagnosed in severe persistent pain with little hope of recovery. 

I was introduced to modern treatment for CRPS that included learning about the limbic brain system, the role stress and trauma from injury plays in chronic conditions. 


I successfully triumphed over CRPS- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in 2017, I am in remission. 


I developed the 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System to help others with chronic pain become pain-free and restore health and happiness.


I was introduced to the role stress plays in chronic conditions and how it adversely causes limbic system impairment.

Since my own recovery and remission in 2017, I have had the opportunity to help others recover. My clientele is worldwide

I hope that my story of remission inspires you to consider the all-natural mind-body approach of The 4R’s Neuroplastic Healing System. 

In the Restore Wellness courses you will learn the same NRT techniques I use to achieve and maintain my state of remission. 


I hope you join me on this amazing life changing journey to reclaim health and happiness.


I want you to succeed at neural retraining and reap the amazing.   You choose what type of program works the best for you; private coaching appointments via zoom or a self-directed online course where you learn at your own pace. 


*Private coaching appointment 

*Online course at your own pace


Whichever type of program that you choose; you get the most advanced neural retraining techniques available to reap the benefits of this amazing new therapy.

Personal Appointments Via Zoom

I love personal interaction with my clients, getting to know them and helping them succeed in changing their life for the better. Although my  appointments with you are online via Zoom, you still have private face-to-face interaction with me, as if I'm in the same room with you. When you book online a private therapy session with me, I customize the wellness program especially for you to fit your wellness needs.


Self-Directed Learning Online Courses

Each online course gives you step-by-step instructions how to perform the NRT techniques and a daily plan on how to incorporate them into your daily routine.


The course is self-paced, so you learn at a pace you are comfortable with.  


The Restore Wellness courses are written to address the unique characteristics and symptoms of a specific health condition; CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Reynaud's, Shingles and  other chronic conditions.

The General Wellness courses for smoking cessation, weight loss, stress relief and peaceful sleep are basic courses using brain neuroplasticity techniques designed to change the specific unwanted habits and behaviors. 

Restore Wellness Courses

By Carol Charland

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Reflex Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy

Neurolinguistic retraining "retrain your brain" therapy is a revolutionary new approach to pain management, it's different than any other therapy you have previously tried. 

This program is proven successful, it is written specifically to reduce CRPS pain and symptoms.

Buy Course
service m-b weight loss.png

The Mind Body Weight Loss System

The Last Weight Loss System You Will Ever Need

Neural Retaining to Eliminate Unhealthy Eating Habits


Junk food cravings 

Stress and emotional comfort eating. 

Stop weight cycling & diet failure


Holistic Nutrition Diet Food Plan

A proven food plan for lasting weight loss

Release stubborn weight, bloat & water retention

Balances blood sugar & aids in digestion 

Eliminates gut inflammation

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Successfully Stop Smoking in 14-Days

Program can be used for



Addiction to nicotine gum & patches

Neural retraining is unlike any other method you have previously tried to quit smoking.  It is modern smoking cessation.  


Neural retraining gets to the root cause of why you smoke and breaks the addictive habit... even if you started as a teenager decades ago.  It does not matter how many packs of cigarettes you smoke a day. NRT techniques break the habit. 


You can quit smoking with my neural retraining program.

service pain 1.png

Opiate-Free Pain Management

There's Life Beyond Pain

Chronic, unhealed Injury - Old Sports Injury 

Chronic Neck & Back Pain


Retrain Your Brain Wellness 
Testimonials & Reviews

August 4, 2021 -Verified Purchase

The Results After The 30 Day Program

"I have CRPS of the right hand after a wrist fracture on March 26 and surgery on April 2. I have completed the 30 day “Retrain the Brain” program. I have included before and after pictures. The swelling is down and the discoloration has improved. I still have pain but it is reduced. There has been no change in mobility. I listen to the recording every night when I go to bed. The first 3 nights, it increased my anxiety level and I could not complete the sessions. However on the 4th night, I fell asleep about half way through the recording. Now I fall asleep quickly and soundly. Overall, at the end of the 30 day program, my hand has improved and I am able to get a good nights rest. I am going to continue listening to the daily recordings".    -RosieB

(* Rosie posts amazing before and after the 30 day Retrain Your Brain therapy for CRPS pictures of her CRPS hand 

May 16, 2021 - 5 Stars  

Carol has written a multi-faceted book that every person with CRPS should have in his/her treatment tool kit! This book paves the way for readers to incorporate well explained concepts into their lives; first by reading about the concept then completing exercises that reinforce the learning. The strength of the mind-body connection is woven throughout the book.

From techniques focused on reducing pain and improving self image to creating an inner sanctuary, capitalizing on the brain’s plasticity and much more, there is something for everyone in this gem of a book!   - Deb B

April 10, 2021 - 5 Stars    

A Wealth of information 

I was skeptical going in, but the author was very sensitive toward everyone's individual journey. The book never made me feel like my pain is "all in my head" or that there's any shame around need for meds.

The book seems well researched, pulling from other well known Neuroplasticity publications written by leading Neuroscientists in the field. Though, this information is much more accessible and digestible- boiling all the key concepts down into an easy conversational tone.

I haven't listened to the exercises for 30 days yet, but I do have medical trauma that living with CRPS for 16 years has caused, and I do feel it's time to begin that healing process.  My favorite parts of the book are the advice on Pacing and Self Care. Pacing can be illusive, but the author makes it clear, in bullet points. These will be perfect reminders for me going forward, taking better care of myself!
Because it's written by a patient, she gives her favorite techniques specifically crafted for CRPS/RSD survivors.

I believe anyone with an intractable pain condition would benefit from reading this book!

MaryMo -

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