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Neural Retraining Program for

Healing Trauma

Break The Emotional Links to Stress & Trauma with Neural Retraining Therapy

This course is for anyone experiencing overwhelming stress or PTSD symptoms.

It is especially beneficial for:


Trauma & accident victims

Healthcare workers & first responders

Police - law enforcement

Teachers t

PCSD: if you are experiencing Post-Covid Stress Disorder.

Grief & loss: If you have experienced grief and loss from losing a loved one

Stressful life experiences: Divorce, loss of job, change of home, childbirth

Parents:  For yourself and you can teach your children these calming techniques to ease stress/ fears.

Neural Retraining for Post-Covid Stress Disorder

The past 24 months of living in a world with pandemic Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down. People have lived with prolonged stress, uncertainty and fear.  If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, PTSD/PCSD post-covid stress disorder, anxiety, panic or fears, agoraphobia (fear of being in public), depression, or even unexplained chronic pain this therapeutic program is for you.

This is NOT hypnosis- no deep trance state is needed to be successful

This is NOT cognitive talk therapy, no re-living stressful events

This is drug-free; no pharmaceutical drug therapy for negative drug reactions

You are in charge!  You perform the NRT techniques on yourself at your own pace. 

Amazing New Approach To Resolving Trauma

Retrain Your Brain neural retraining techniques "resets" the PTSD brain by releasing the embedded emotions associated with stress and a traumatic event. This amazing discovery in brain neuroplasticity NRT neural retraining techniques gets to the root cause of your unresolved emotional and physical stress symptoms by a process known as "de-potentiation" so you never have to revisit the stressful event.  It simply breaks apart any emotional link to the stress causing event for a complete elimination of symptoms and return to whole-person wellbeing. 

Neural Retraining is unlike any method you have previously tried to eliminate the symptoms of trauma and PTSD.  

The techniques used in this program have been used worldwide to help people suffering from trauma.

Why Wait? Book Online & Start Reclaiming Your Life Now.  


$459 Healing Trauma Therapy Program

The Program Includes:

(1 program fee includes 2 appointments) 3 Online private appointments conducted face-to-face via Zoom online.  The first appointment is approximately 2+ hours.  In private consultation, we will customize the program session to fit your specific needs. You will be introduced to neurosciences, learn powerful life-changing NRT techniques and be given a 30-day therapy plan. 

The follow up appointments 1+ hour.

NRT Therapy Session: Each appointment includes a 30-minute NRT guided meditation therapy session to release the embedded trauma stored in the brain causing symptoms and return you to wholeness.  It reinforces all the positive changes you've made for lasting results. (You can record each NRT session for a home program)

My eBook: “Healing Trauma” The 30-day program to recovery. You will be given weekly NRT activities to complete on your own in the therapy plan. ​​

Unlimited Coaching:  You get hands-on coaching support and guidance throughout the 30-day program to achieve your wellness goals. 


Free Consultation:  Still have questions? Use the Contact form below to email Carol directly. 

Book Online & Start Immediately

Recovery is possible.

It starts with Healing Trauma 

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