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Neural Retraining for CRPS ~ RSD
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Neural Retraining Program specifically written for CRPS RSD -
CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome formerly known as RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

"I Understand CRPS Pain. I Am A CRPS Patient" - Carol Charland

CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a neuro-inflammatory nerve disorder that presents with excruciating persistent pain that is disproportionate to the injury, it often times fails to respond to traditional drug therapy for pain management.  CRPS is rated one of the highest pain syndromes on the McGill Pain Scale. With the recent opiate-crisis, there is a real need for opiate-free pain relief solutions like NRT Neural Retraining Therapy programs.  

About CRPS

CRPS is considered a neuro-inflammatory condition. The onset of CRPS is generally from injury or trauma but can be spontaneous. It initially effects limbs and joints, but overtime can spread to other areas of the body and become a systemic full-body condition involving organ function. It has several co-morbid conditions that may accompany the condition which makes it more difficult to be correctly diagnosed and treated. 

The affected CRPS limb is extremely painful with unusual edema and swelling, the skin appears bruised and discolored well past the time an injury would normally heal, it is hyper-sensitive to touch and feels "red-hot" as if it were on fire.  There may be muscular contraction distorting the shape and loss of use making it non-functional. 

New Science. New Method.

Amazing Results!

This program is unlike any other pain management program you have previously tried. It is opiate-free and teaches you powerful mind-body techniques in pain anesthesia to help put you back in control of pain. 

Release Trauma of CRPS

Most importantly, you will learn a special NRT technique developed by a Physician used worldwide to heal trauma. It is used to release "trauma" stored in the brain that sends constant pain messaging to the brain even though the injury has healed.  the technique is also used for relieving PTSD symptoms, which most people with CRPS experience.

People get amazing results using this technique, not only for pain relief, but for symptoms of PTSD; mood swings, depression, renumerating and worry, "re-living"  stressful or traumatic events, fatigue, insomnia... and any symptom related to constant stress of living in persistent pain.  

You will be working with a therapist that understands CRPS

I Am A CRPS Patient-Carol Charland

A Promise To You

I am a CRPS patient. I understand the unrelenting pain, the loss of "wholeness" and who you are, the grief and longing for your old life, but most importantly, I understand the frustration of being in chronic pain with no effective pain relief.

I went 9+ years undiagnosed in horrific pain, I'm allergic to narcotics so pain relief was elusive. I had to find another way to relieve pain that was opiate-free. My search led me to neurolinguistics and neural retraining. Previous to my injury and onset of CRPS, I had a successful holistic natural health practice since 1998. I am in remission now. Amazingly, there is no visual sign of CRPS in my body. I am grateful for my healing. I love working with CRPS clients teaching them neural retraining and how they can find solutions to manage and overcome chronic pain.

"I promise you- I will help you to the best of my ability so you can reclaim your life and return to wholeness."

- Carol Charland 


SPECIAL $350.00 CRPS Program Includes:

Appointments:  2 appts via Zoom online that include 30-minute NRT session written specifically for you in each appointment. 

eBook: Guide full of tips & strategies for pain relief:  NRT pain relief techniques, stress control, peaceful sleep, diet recommendations, activity pacing chart, pain diary apps and setting up a self-care program. 

Technique Demonstrations: Release trauma/injury related to onset of CRPS, Pain anesthesia for pain relief, stress control

Unlimited Coaching Support: Coaching support throughout the entire 30-day program to help you successfully perform the techniques and  implement the 30-day plan. 



Strategies For Pain Relief

In the therapy program, you will learn a variety of strategies for your pain survival kit. 

Pain-Friendly Diet for CRPS 

Activity Pacing Guide

Pain Diary- Know Your Pain Triggers

NRT Techniques for Peaceful Sleep NRT Techniques for Stress Control

"Chill" (quiet the brain & calming the overactive nervous system)

How to Create a Self-Care Program

NRT Techniques to Achieve Other Life Goals

and much more... 

You Can Start Using The NRT Pain Relief Techniques Immediately

Free Consultation:  Still Have questions? Use the contact form below to email Carol for a free consultation. 



Neural Retraining Therapy Is The New Pain Management

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The Results After The 30-Day Program

I have CRPS of the right hand after a wrist fracture on March 26 and surgery on April 2. I have completed the 30 day “Retrain the Brain” program. I have included before and after pictures. The swelling is down and the discoloration has improved. I still have pain but it is reduced. There has been no change in mobility. I listen to the recording every night when I go to bed. The first 3 nights, it increased my anxiety level and I could not complete the sessions. However on the 4th night, I fell asleep about half way through the recording. Now I fall asleep quickly and soundly. Overall, at the end of the 30 day program, my hand has improved and I am able to get a good nights rest. I am going to continue listening to the daily recordings.


4.5 Star Review 

Verified Purchase August 4, 2021


Amazing Results

Carol Charland will customize your CRPS program to fit your specific symptoms for the best possible results. 

Rosie's testimonial is from Amazon's book reviews of Carol Charland's

Retrain Your Brain-CRPS book.  

Just imagine the amazing results working personally with Carol Charland in the private online therapy program written specifically for you!