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The Mind-Body Weight Loss System

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weight loss online course


This is the last weight loss program you will ever need! This 28-Day program is unique, and unlike any other weight loss program you have previously tried. It combines 2 components: PART 1: Retrain Your Brain or Neural Retraining Therapy to eliminate unhealthy eating habits like; over-eating, junk food cravings and emotional stress eating that has sabotaged your efforts in the past. No other weight loss program offers revolutionary retraining using brain neuroplasticity. Learn modern discoveries in brain neuroplasticity and how easy it is for the brain to “unlearn” unwanted habits and “retrain your brain” to control appetite, have healthy eating habits, let go of stubborn weight and end diet failure. PART 2: A HOLISTIC DIET/FOOD PLAN: A scientifically proven diet used successfully for decades. The holistic diet/food plan becomes “a way of eating” vs a diet. It sustains long-lasting weight loss and a high level of health. It is easy to follow and easy to stay on. It will become a healthy way of eating for a lifetime. COURSE INCLUDES: • Step-by-step guide to powerful neurolinguistic retraining techniques specific to weight loss • The food plan with sample menu. A daily plan helps you set up the program • 2-Recordable Meditation Scripts; a cutting-edge therapy uses the power of your own voice on audio recording to eliminate unhealthy habits & reinforce weight loss. BONUS: A body sculpting therapy script for reaching your ideal body quickly & easily

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The Mind-Body Weight Loss System

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