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Freedom From Anxiety Panic & Fears

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This Course introduces you to the 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System that utilizes advanced neural retraining "Retrain Your Brain" therapy, a revolutionary approach to managing anxiety, panic, fears (including pain induced anxiety). The 4R's System is a 4-step process to reset a maladaptive limbic brain system to Release-Reframe-Retrain and Restore Wellness. You'll learn powerful neurolinguistic mind-body techniques not found in other Online Courses to release stress stored in brain, the catalyst for anxiety. It reframes in the brain how you experience stress, calms and soothes an over-active sympathetic nervous system and activates your natural relaxation response for relief. COURSE CONTENT (Visit Course Content page to view the learning modules) *Introduction to modern neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity and powerful neurolinguistics techniques. *Step-by-step guide to techniques to relieve anxiety, you can start using immediately *Added strategies include: diet, peaceful sleep, stress control & selfcare *Cutting-edge therapy known as Recordable Meditation Scripts (audio) that pave new neuropathways for positive change infusing the mind and body with calm, healing relief. *Each learning module ends with a Daily Plan; that helps you incorporate the learned material into your daily life *The course is self-directed learning at your own pace.

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Freedom From Anxiety Panic & Fears

Freedom From Anxiety Panic & Fears

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