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Online Course: Retrain Your Brain for CRPS

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Online Course: Retrain Your Brain for CRPS


This Online Course introduces you to the 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System that utilizes advanced neural retraining "Retrain Your Brain" therapy, a revolutionary approach to managing chronic pain and symptoms of CRPS. The course is written specifically for the unique characteristics of CRPS symptoms, by a CRPS patient. The 4R's Neuroplastic Healing System is a 4-step process of Release-Reframe-Retrain and Restore Wellness. It is designed to release old injury trauma stored in the brain and thought to be the catalyst for pain syndromes. It reframes in the brain how you experience pain and retrains the limbic brain system for wellness. COURSE CONTENT *Introduction to modern neuroscience, brain neuroplasticity and powerful neurolinguistics techniques. *Step-by-step guide to pain relief techniques you can start using immediately *Added self-care strategies include: pain reducing diet, activity pacing, peaceful sleep, stress control *Cutting-edge therapy known as Recordable Meditation Script- audio that pave new neuropathways for positive change infusing the mind and body with healing relief. *Each learning module ends with a Daily Plan; that helps you incorporate the learned material into your daily life THE COURSE The course is self-directed learning at your own pace. Neural retraining therapy (NRT) may sound complicated, but it is not the mind-body retraining techniques are simple to learn. Anyone of any age can learn these powerful life changing techniques.

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